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Family Friendly Vacation Packages in Italy

We are here to plan your luxury family holiday

Italy is very family-friendly destination, and it is one of the best in the world for kids. On the same trip you can experience breathtaking mountains, crystal-clear seas and sandy beaches, as well as cities brimming with art with interesting, guided tours customized for kids.

At Dragonflytours Italy, we create the best family vacations in Italy that will be etched on your memories forever, bringing the family closer with unique memories of our happy tours, fun games and, of course, time for a gelato! A luxury family vacation means:

  • Children who love their guides thanks to the exciting activities designed for them.
  • Parents who are relaxed as they can see their children are happy.
  • Unforgettable moments spent tasting delicious local food.
Italy is the most child-friendly country, where we go out of our way to cater for all your wishes and needs.

Our specialists will create an exceptional experience for you and your kids, keeping the whole family entertained and well looked after throughout your trip. So, consult one of our professional Italian Travel designers and enjoy your family vacation to Italy