Our Team: Travel Specialists

At Dragonfly Tours, we are passionate about creating unique travel experiences in Italy

Our exceptional journeys take you beyond the highlights, and into the heart of a destination. By sharing the hidden gems with you not usually even mentioned in guidebooks, the local people you wouldn’t otherwise meet, and the customs and traditions you may not have discovered by yourself, we will ensure that you will have a unique “Italian experience” that you will remember for a lifetime.

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Our insiders view

We pride ourselves on creating tours throughout Italy that will reveal the true essence of every location you visit

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From dining with a local family at their home, to shopping with a local fashionista, we will get you off the beaten track and discover the italy of the italians. You will be inspired and amazed by unique experiences that you could never capture on your own.

Our Team

Roberto Rinaldi dragonfly tours CEO
Roberto Rinaldi


Roberto manages Dragonfly Tours with passion and professionalism. As General Manager, he is a problem solver and a facilitator. In his soul he harbors two spirits: one is the accurate, meticulous and severe spirit, and the other is the free and passionate one. The former helps him to manage a company providing totally seamless services, the latter lets him to identify himself with all his travelers requests.

Francesca Rinaldi dragonfly tours general manager
Francesca Rinaldi


She is the mind behind Dragonfly Tours’ idea of providing tailor-made luxury services to our clients, and authentic experiences that make travelers know the real side of Italy. Her passion for art, food and wine combined with her ability to tailor make the right tours based on each traveler’s specific interests and desires, all key factor in the company’s success. She loves traveling across Italy to find inspirations for the next great experience to offer to our clients.

Cristina Addari travel agent
Cristina Addari


When she drives to the office, she always listens to her favorite rock songs mostly by Ligabue and Sting. Always radiant and cheerful, she is a natural force of nature inside the Dragonfly Tours headquarters. She adds the human touch to her job, and excels in dealing with both her colleagues and clients.

Roberta Bellucci travel agent
Roberta Bellucci


Always motivated by new and unknown things, she brings a touch of perfection to any project she’s involved in. A young mother dealing with two very energetic sons, she’s caring, dedicated, flexible and precise. Born and raised in Rome with a German schooling, she tends to perfection any tour draft she comes across, by making every clients requests come to life so that it results in an authentic Italian experience.

Simonetta Becattini travel agent
Simonetta Becattini


Undoubtedly, she has a creative personality. She is a painter who does mostly oil, she decorates fine porcelain, loves books, movies and theater, and last but not least she is an outstanding cook. Her italian passion and exuberance are tamed by her Swedish origins, which make her so seraphic and calm that she has become a model for the rest of the team to follow.

Francesca Vanessa Ranieri travel agent
Francesca Vanessa Ranieri


At only 28 Francesca has achieved two different master degrees in International communication and foreign languages. In addition to working with Dragonfly Tours, she is also a key contributor to an online voluntary work magazine. In the past she has been involved in many different charity projects. Good heartedness and altruism are the main characteristics of her personality.

Giulia Olivetti travel agent
Giulia Olivetti


Giulia was born and raised in Rome, this developing at a young age an appreciation for art, which she later transformed into a passion whilst at university. Her job in previous years as a modern art exhibition organizer has taught her a certain sensibility and fondness for this medium which make her an outstanding travel consultant for every type of traveler especially for families with children for whom she organizes a diversity of fun.

Priscilla Mazzoni travel agent
Priscilla Mazzoni


Priscilla was born and raised in Rome. She majored in International Affairs and took a Masters in Management. She speaks fluent English thanks to all of her studies in American schools and because she lived in the United States. She is a very international person, and would live on a plane. Her biggest work passions is to make her clients live a true Italian experience through a working cycle, which is understanding the client’s wishes and needs and just after this, create their perfect match trip. She is a “people person” so seeing her clients fulfilled by joy makes her happy.

Luigi Pagliuca Travel Designer
Luigi Pagliuca


Luigi was born in Naples, in the south of Italy and moved to Rome to complete his study with a master in Tourism. Even if he felt in love with Rome he never lost his “Neapolitan soul”, always ready to find solutions even in the most stressful situations, as every true Neapolitan does! He loves travelling and in the past, he worked also for a flight company as flight attendant. One of his passions is food and often he loves tasting new restaurants in order to suggest them to our clients. His life motive is: nobody queues for a flat roller coaster, enjoy life visiting new places.

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