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The Blond Tiber 

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  • Tiber River
  • St. Angelo Castle


  • Private luxury car equipped with A/C
  • English speaking driver/guide for the entire duration of the tour (4,30 h)
  • Tour with a dinner aboard a boat (complete menu - wine is not included)
  • Tour of Rome by night (2 hours approx.)


  • Tips
  • All that is not listed in 'the tour includes"

Historically, the Tiber River has been the main watercourse for the city of Rome and is commonly referred to as "the blond" in reference to the yellowish color of its water! On this tour you will discover the important bond between the city and her river.

On this tour we will take you on a journey on this historic waterway by boat, allowing for a unique perspective of the many bridges and monuments along the way.

Legend has it that a woman, Rhea Silvia, left her twin sons, Romulus and Remus in a basket on the bank of the Tiber River to save them from their homicidal uncle, King Amulius. Discovered and raised by a she-wolf that came to the river to drink, the two boys grew, and after a fratricide, the stronger of the two founded the Eternal City: Rome. And so this is story gives an understanding as to the important bond between the city and its river.

This tour will also provide you with a usually inaccessible view of the fortress of Castel Sant'Angelo, built over the antique tomb of the Emperor Hadrian. To complete your splendid evening, a dinner of traditional Roman food (all prepared with genuine, local ingredients) will be served on the boat.

After dinner, you will return to your hotel, by private car, taking in Saint Peter's Basilica and the Imperial Forum, illuminated by evocative Rome-by-night lights. An experience well worth a declaration of love....