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At Dragonfly Tours, we are passionate about creating unique travel experiences in Italy. Our exceptional journeys take you beyond the highlights, and into the heart of a destination. By sharing with you the hidden gems not typically mentioned in guidebooks, the local people you wouldn't otherwise meet, and the customs and traditions you may not have discovered by yourself, we will ensure that you will have a unique "Italian experience" that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Our insiders view

We pride ourselves on creating tours throughout Italy that will reveal the true essence of every location you visit. From dining with a local family in their home, to shopping with a local fashionista, we will get you off the beaten track. You will be inspired and amazed by unique experiences that you could never capture on your own.


Our exceptional people

Roberto Rinaldi General Manager
Roberto manages Dragonfly Tours with passion and professionalism. As General Manager, he is a problem solver and a facilitator. In his soul he harbors two spirits: one is the accurate, meticulous and severe spirit, and the other is the free and passionate one. The former helps him to manage a company able to provide seamless services, the latter allows him to identify himself with any traveler. Even more so if the traveler loves sailing in the Mediterranean or riding a motorbike across the Tuscan hills.
Francesca Romana Rinaldi BOOKING MANAGER
She is the mind behind Dragonfly Tours' idea of providing tailor-made luxury services to our clients, and authentic experiences that make travelers know the real side of Italy. Her passion for art, food and wine combined with her ability to tailor the right tours based on each traveler’s specific interests, have been a key factor in the company's success. She loves traveling across Italy to find inspirations for the next great experience to offer to our clients. Specializing in luxury and honeymoon tours, she is a master in creating breathtaking events that leave memorable experiences for her guests.
When she drives to the office, she always listens to her favorite rock songs mostly by Ligabue and Sting. Always radiant and cheerful, she is a force of nature inside Dragonfly Tours. She adds the human touch to her job, and she excels in dealing with her colleagues and clients. Every time she tailors a tour for a client, her experience, attention and energy comes to play, which results in successful relationships between the two and leads to the creation of incredible Italian experiences.
Always motivated by new and unknown things, she brings a touch of improvement to any project she's involved with. A flexible mother with constant dealing with two very energetic sons, she's caring, dedicated and precise. Born and raised in Rome with German education, she tends to perfect any tour draft she comes across, by making every client requests come alive which results in an authentic Italian experience. Even though her husband makes fun of her for being “too German”, clients love her knowledge, accuracy and professionalism, which is what, Dragonfly Tours is famous for.
Simonetta Becattini BOOKING SPECIALIST
Undoubtedly, she has a creative personality. She is a painter who does mostly oil, a decorator of porcelain, book, movies and theater lover, and last but not the least an outstanding cook. Her passion and exuberance are tamed by her Swedish origins, which makes her so seraphic and calm that she became a model to follow for the rest of the team. Clients love dealing with her and they appreciate her dedication and detailed attention to their needs, like a typical mother.
Francesca Vanessa Ranieri BOOKING SPECIALIST
At only 28 Francesca has achieved two different master degrees in International communication and foreign languages. In addition to working with Dragonfly Tours, she is also a key contributor to an online voluntary work magazine. In the past she has been involved in many different charity projects. Good heartedness and altruism are the main characteristics of her personality. Still very much in touch with her Calabrian roots, she loves traveling and working to make each of our clients’ trips a once in a lifetime experience.
Giulia was born and raised in Rome, this developing at a young age an appreciation for art, which she later transformed into a passion once at university. Her job in recent years as a modern art exhibition organizer has taught her a certain sensibility and fondness for this medium which make her an outstanding travel consultant for every type of traveler especially for families with children for whom she organizes a diversity of fun, creative and educational experiences throughout Italy
She is born in the beautiful Lake Como area, in the north of Italy and later moved to Rome to complete her studies in Organization of Cultural Events. Captured by the charm of Rome, she decided to stop and live in with her family and join the Roman life. She loves traveling and to discover the peculiarity of each place visited. She is a keen observer and detailed-oriented travel consultant specialized in customized unusual itineraries.

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