Dreaming through a diving mask could be a real experience. There’s so much than you thought under the sea!

Many surprises are hidden under the italian blanket of Thyrrenian, Adriatic, Ligurian and Ionian Seas. Let’s discover where are the best places to snorkel.

Italian islands are jewels plunged into the Mediterranean Sea. Rent a boat and begin this adventure!

Unforgettable corners of the “Boot”

The perfect places to go snorkeling in Italy. And maybe shopping, dancing and dining. In many Italian islands you can find everything you need for an absolutely unique vacation.


Capri is called the “Blue Island”. Can you imagine why?  It’s full of beautiful and famous amazing views and everything is like “living in a picture postcard”. The best part is the sea.

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The waters around the Grotta Verde in Anacapri (a comune at a higher elevation than Capri town) are worth visiting. Don’t forget to get to the Grotta Azzurra and rent a boat for a tour of the island. Hidden caves are waiting for your diving mask!

If you have a little spare time don’t forget the Natural Arch.

In the evening, in the center of the island, walking through the “piazzetta”, let the precious boutiques seduce you for a gift.

Cretaccio (Tremiti Islands)

Tremiti islands are also known as “pearl of the Adriatic”. Cretaccio is a wild great place for diving and snorkeling. If you love photography, don’t forget your waterproof camera!

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Vulcano (Aeolian Islands – Sicily)

Aeolian Islands are a Mediterranean dream lost in time.

Alicudi, Filicudi, Vulcano, Lipari, Panarea, Salina, Stromboli. There are too many beautiful corner to see and there is a lot to be said about these islands. Some of them seems to be stuck in an indefinite time of the past. At least, I want to suggest you two or three spots in the island of Vulcano that must not to be missed if you would like to go snorkeling in Italy.

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  • Capo Grillo: it’s one of Vulcano’s best spots for snorkeling. Sponges, sea stars, octopuses, morays, anemones. All on a vertical rocky wall full of coves.
  • Franata archipelago: another perfect location. At the north of Vulcanello you will find this charming spot. colonies of posidonia and a sharply sloped for an “up to 50 meters” immersion. For staunch divers.
  • Medium difficulty level for a dive into an amazing body of water. From Capo Testa Grossa to the  cliff of Quaglietto (Lo scoglio del Quaglietto). Vertical walls with sulphur springs colouring the sand, scorpionfishes, sponges, starfishes. Even a statue of the Virgin. Did I convince you?

Asinara Island

A quiet Marine Protected Area off the northern coast of Sardinia. more than 600 animal species live on the island and there are no hotels or restaurants. An little uncontaminated world for snorkelers. In the sea, surrounded by nature.


We have mentioned before the Aeolian Islands. Now, this is just a footnote. Sicily is full of many of the best italian beaches, but there’s another spot you shouldn’t miss. What are we talking about? Isola Bella Beach.

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Taormina, Sicily: Isola Bella is a mix of archeological ruins, shopping and emerald waters. One of the most popular beaches of Italy. Perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

We will need a new post in the next future for Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda and for Amalfi Coast. We didn’t forget them!

Note down our suggestions and come snorkeling in Italy.

Then you can say I snorkeled a dream on my last vacation.