The Natural Arch is strange natural phenomenon in one of the best locations on the enchanting island of Capri.

Nature’s architecture is enchanting

Ancient landslides together with the erosive action of the wind and waves sculpted an ancient stone cavity turning it into a geologic arch.

It is not only one of the most famous tourist spots on this side of the island,  but it’s a unique natural wonder. A natural stone work of art,  a granite bridge in the middle of a pine forest.

A steep flight of stairs bring you to the Natural Arch, the steps cut into the side of the rocky coast  – a highly recommended tourist sight. The path  takes you there easily and it is worth walking through the center of Capri, through the Via Camerelle and Via Tragara and the Via Matermania to get there.

Throughout the footpath you can admire the beautiful scenery including the Faraglioni, Capri’s iconic rocks rising from the sea, the southern coast of the island and the various coves and inlets.

Capri is style, fashion, good life and luxury – but most of all, Capri is the greatest of wonders – a pearl in the Thyrrenian sea.  You’re not convinced? Just go visit the Natural Arch and all of the island’s many wonders.

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An azure sea below

A monument made of rocks. The natural arch has been seen in paintings frequently throughout history, (the most famous of which is a painting by William Stanley Haseltine) capturing its sublime position on the island – am example of  the inner power of nature.

The best part of this view surrounds the island – it is the sea. This rugged scenery is framed by the worldwide famous azure sea of  which gives its name to Capri – the Blue Island.

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A spectacular view which sticks in your mind and if you can, an essential photo through the arch and of the sea are some of the best souvenirs you will be able to bring back home with you, after your unforgettable trip in Italy.