To all our friends and clients out there, first thank you for the infinite messages showing us your love and concern. We just wanted to give you a real idea of the situation in our wonderful country, unfortunately in these situations’ jackals take the show, but life in Italy is continuing and we won’t back down.
We are all ok, we want to underline that the corona virus is a flu, and it’s not the plague. We have been in touch with virologists who through their study and their knowledge have testified it’s not even comparable to a strong flu. Italian healthcare is one of the best in the entire world, and doctors work day and night for EVERY PERSON health. Health in Italy is a primary right, but not only for Italians, but for EVERYONE coming and visiting our country.

From north to south (except those 11 municipalities in Veneto and Lombardy) our cities are not controlled by the military policy. People continue living, loving, walking, working, and eating just like usual. Italians are not stopping, and they do such because we trust our country and the news that are reported with knowledge of cause. Unluckily not like many foreign news which are reporting FAKE NEWS.

We live here, we get up every morning, and we see with our eyes how Italy is reacting every day, and never like this we are PROUD TO BE ITALIAN.

Our health authorities have made the decision of suspending many activities involving large communities JUST to reduce the risk of contamination. We have had cases in Italy because we carried out the test over almost 10,000 people out of a population of 60 million. You can verify, without listing countries names, that many countries have not done buffers. As you may understand, if you don’t do buffers you can’t really know how many people are positive to this virus. Italy is continuing to do buffets because we don’t have nothing to hide, also if we have positive cases, we want to share REAL INFORMATION and we don’t want to lie about nothing. People who have passed away, were unfortunately seriously sick, affected by other infections or diseases.

Why is not each country stating how many people die each year for the flu? In Italy each year around 15,000 people die for this reason. The number of people who died for corona virus is not even close to an amount of this kind. The real virus, that all of us part of the same planet, must fight together, is the IGNORANCE VIRUS. Ignorance of racism against Chinese people or countries that have the virus in between their borders, ignorance of the press, ignorance of many opinion leaders, ignorance of many politicians, ignorance of sharing thoughts and statements unbelievably fake and unreliable. Too many people are speaking about this virus without even knowing what this virus is, and without even having the interest of discovering what it is. Let’s fight ignorance with INTELLIGENCE.
It’s always time for a vacation in Italy, and we Italians can’t wait to have you over, and show you all our love and hospitality.
Seize the moment to discover amazing parts of Italy (CENTER-SOUTH) that you still didn’t discover, and which are safe and have not been affected by the Virus. Pack your bags and take off with CARPE DIEM mode ON.
Hope to see you very soon on a boat in the Amalfi Coast, partying in Capri, discovering Apulia wonders, enjoying one of the most beautiful waters in the world in Sardegna, admiring Matera the city of rocks which is part of the UNESCO heritage, exploring the history and the beautiful place in Sicily, and also tasting local food and wine in Umbria.


We will be always by your side, because beside other many things, this is what Italians can do better!