All Roads Lead to Rome

imperial forums

A visit to the Imperial Forums is an essential part of your stay in Rome: this unique architectural complex tells the story of the greatness of civilization without equals.

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Origins and History of the Imperial Forums in Rome

The ruins among which we walk today recount the glories of a people who left a legacy of splendor for their descendants. The Imperial Forums are a celebration of the life of the Romans, a people of conquerors who carried out political, commercial and religious activities here. Not just an agora, as in the days of the Greeks, but a true plan for urban development that initially proposed the construction of 11 forums.

imperial forumsThe first structure built was that of the Forum of Caesar built in 46 BC. This was followed by the Forum of Augustus, the forum of Peace, the Forum of Nerva, and the Forum of Trajan. Originally, Caesar’s Forum was dedicated to Venus Genetrix, of whose bloodline Caesar claimed to be a descendant. After the conquest of the Dacia, Trajan built his imposing Forum and, a year later, Trajan’s Column to symbolize the great victories obtained. It was an ambitious design with ample dimensions. It was thanks to the work of Augustus that the initial design was completed with the building of basilicas and temples whose remains are still visible today.

As you may have realized, the Forums were also the expression of the importance and the taste of the various emperors that ruled over the centuries. What is left to us today is a sight like few others, that has overcome the ravages of man and time and that we can enjoy today in a city that is an open-air museum.

Travels in Ancient Rome: the route curated by Piero Angela and Paco Lanciano

Two great names of Italian culture have come together for an extraordinary project: Piero Angela and Paco Lanciano, both well-known scientific personalities, accompany the spectators of the Forum of Augustus and the Forum of Caesar with their voices to discover their splendor and their suggestive histories. With the project “Viaggi nell’Antica Roma” you will be catapulted into history: with the use of cutting-edge technology you can watch holographic projections, accompanied by music and special effects, that retrace life in Roman times. Curious to witness this incredible show? You just have to book your best vacation with  Dragonfly tours to discover Rome and its legendary beauty.

The New lighting of the Imperial Forums

imperial forums

A curious fact about the Imperial Forums: since 2016 they have been resumed to shine at night thanks to the artistic lighting put in place to enhance the beauty of the archaeological site. The new lighting was created by Vittorio Storaro, director of photography and winner of three Academy Awards.

Thanks to this important work the Arch of Titus, the Basilica of Maxentius, the square of the Forum,  the temple of Saturn, and many other symbolic places of Ancient Rome have been illuminated. Every evening, until 11 November 2018, it will be possible to visit the Imperial Forums and experience a suggestive itinerary made of lights and shadows that outline the shapes of the past.

The Domus Aurea of Nero

imperial forumsOn your tour to discover the wonders of the Roman past, you can’t miss out on a visit to the Domus Aurea,  the residence built by Nero after the fire of 64 AD. This hidden gem was found after centuries, thanks to excavations carried out near the Oppio hill: today it is possible to immerse yourself in the history of the famous Roman emperor and discover his secrets.

Nero wanted a residence worthy of a sovereign of his greatness: for this reason he built an imposing dwelling, or domus, surrounded by three long porticoes, vineyards, woods, and even a very large pond. Nero’s Domus Aurea consisted of several buildings: two placed upon the Oppio hill and the Palatine Hill, and a central building where there was a unique octagonal room whose ceiling, thanks to a special mechanism, rotated, imitating the movement of the earth.

The translation of Domus Aurea is “golden house“, and there is no better name to indicate the grand splendor that characterized the house of Nero. The main buildings of the Domus were famous for their sumptuous finishes and the grandeur that characterized them. Gold, ivory, refined painted decorations, precious stones: Nero’s abode was a veritable triumph of pomp and magnificence.

The splendid Domus Aurea, unfortunately, had a short life: after Nero’s death, his successors buried it in the ground, plundering it of its riches.

The path to return the Domus to its ancient splendor has been underway for some time: today it is possible to visit the restoration site every Saturday and Sunday. Here you will be fascinated by the projections and virtual reality that will let you relive a glorious past.