Why a Trip to Italy in the Fall is a Great Choice

Autumn tints the landscape with new colors, and the scorching summer heat gives way to cooler temperatures. What is the climate in Italy in autumn you are wondering. The weather in Italy in October and November varies from region to region. In the north the temperatures are cool, while in the extreme south still offers a hint of summer that does not want to leave the peninsula.

italy in october

This period offers much inspiration to realize the perfect vacation. It’s an opportunity to be seized to admire the autumn foliage and discover enchanted landscapes like the Tuscan hills, take a walk in the vineyards or experience the magic of the winter sea in southern Italy. Choose your favorite destination, we at Dragonfly will take you to discover the most beautiful places to regenerate your senses, by being in contact with nature and with the magnificent accommodation solutions that we offer.

Doubts about clothing for this season? If you are wondering what to wear in Italy in October, don’t  forget to bring practical clothes with you to protect you from sudden rains and lower temperatures. In general, however, just a few heavier items are enough in your suitcase, leave room for souvenirs that you will bring home with you on your return!

The Colors of the Tuscan Hills and the Cities of Art

Tuscany offers one of the most beautiful displays of nature to be discovered over and over again throughout the year, but during the period from September to the end of October, the hills, woods and vineyards are tinged with warm autumn shades. Admiring the foliage and its colors is an experience that you will always carry in your heart, and Tuscany is full of places where autumn reaches its maximum expression: the Casentino National Park is one of the corners of Italy par excellence to wander, soaking up the warmth of the last rays of the summer sun and admiring the fall foliage.

Immerse yourself in the natural landscape of the Chianti vineyards, the hills of Val d’Orcia or Val di Chiana, breath in the scent of the wine must. This is the season where the delicate wine-making activity begins and the result of this work awaits you in the 15-day luxury tour for a walk around Florence and Tuscany dedicated to winetasting. Gastronomy and art is a magical combination: between one wine tasting and another, the Chianti sculpture park is an unusual and fascinating destination to discover, where the works created by the hand of man do not overwhelm nature but instead, elevate it.

italy in octoberIf however, it’s the cities of art that you are looking for, Lucca is an unexpected destination that will surprise you. The city is famous for its Renaissance city wall that surrounds the historic center for over 4km and that has remained practically intact since the century of its construction.

Among the many suggestive urban spaces of the city, you will be fascinated by the Piazza dell’Anfiteatro, where an authentic Roman theater stands on the ruins of the past. Numerous basilicas and cathedrals enrich this Tuscan city, perhaps less well known than some, but counted among the principle art centers of the country. And the climate in October is certainly ideal for strolling through the streets of Lucca.

The Mildest Autumn in Italy: Tour of Sicily

italy in octoberVisiting Italy in October or November also means organizing your trip to Sicily. Sicily is not just sea and pristine beaches: it is a land rich in history and culture to be discovered. The autumn period is perfect for a trip to the warm Sicilian lands: here the temperatures are milder and, if you’re lucky, you can still walk on the beach and why not, take a dip! On the 10-day luxury tour of fascinating Sicily we offer you an itinerary that you won’t be able to resist. Read on to discover some of the places that await you.

You can be a little selfish and want the city all to yourself in the fall. In Sicily in November you are lucky enough to enjoy favorable weather conditions, with temperatures that reach up to 24 degrees Celsius (75 degrees Fahrenheit), and a less intense flow of tourism so that you can dedicate all the time you need to visit the beautiful city of Agrigento enjoying the open air monument of the Valley of the Temples, one of the most representative archeological sites of the classical civilization, UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998. It attracts tourists from all over the world and you can admire it at its best touring Italy in October and November.

italy in octoberThe charm of Taormina has always enchanted poets and writers who have praised its beauty. A must-see is the Greek-Roman theater, the most famous monument in the city. This incredible structure was built by the Greeks in the third century to host theatrical performances and was later transformed by the Romans in the second century to an area for gladiatorial games. In the itinerary designed for you there is also a moment dedicated to leisure: driving license in hand, drive a FIAT 500 on the Sicilian wine roads, starting from Taormina and crossing through the valley of Alcantara, with the imposing presence of Mount Etna to accompany you on your journey.

The ancient Greek cities of Segesta and Erice are villages of extraordinary beauty. Erice boasts a fascinating medieval historical city center:  while exploring its streets and squares you will discover noble palaces and splendid churches, such as the Norman Church of San Martino or the Chiesa Madre and the Castello di Venere, surrounded by a wonderful English garden. In Segesta you will visit the Temple, dating back to the 5th century BC, a magnificent example of Doric style, and the theater, carved into the rock that rises on the slopes of Mount Barbaro.

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