With summer at the door, who isn’t already dreaming of diving into an ocean that is a thousand shades of blue, relaxing on the most beautiful islands in Italy, whiling away the days far from the hustle and bustle of the city? Have you already planned your summer vacation? If you are still undecided about your next Italy holiday trip continue reading this article, your journey to discover the best Italian islands begins now.

The Flegrean Islands of the Campania archipelago: the Blue of Ischia and Capri

Best island: this is Ischia

Just a few minutes from Naples, awaiting you with all of their charm, are Ischia and Capri, the largest among the Flegrean islands, named for their volcanic origin.

Ischia, is certainly among the most popular islands in Italy with over 6 million visitors every year. What makes it unique is the presence of about 100 thermal springs, thanks to which the island is confirmed as one of the best spas in Europe.  You can relax and enjoy the healing properties of the waters and mud at one of the many spa parks, beautiful facilities such as the Negombo, an oasis of natural wellbeing in the Bay of San Montano, rich in dense vegetation from many diverse points of the earth.

Capri needs no introduction. It is certainly the most famous island in Italy: just say its name to feel the sea breeze caress your face. Imagine spending a day there of pure relaxation. On your exclusive tour, you will lose yourself in the blue sea of the Faraglioni and in the meanderings of the Blue Grotto. Let’s discover the secrets of the island with our 12 days tour from Rome, Amalfi Coast, Capri and Venice.

best island: capriOn the mainland you will experience the carefree atmosphere of the “Piazzetta“, a favorite destination of the Italian and international jet set. There isn’t just the sea, however, in Capri. The Emperor Tiberius built for himself not one, but 12 villas, of which only 3 remain and are open to visitors: Villa Jovis, Villa Damecuta, and Bagni di Tiberio, the villa on the sea from which, it is said, the Emperor used to push unwanted guests and indiscreet servants off the cliff.

Ortygia: the pearl of Syracuse

Sicily is officially the largest Italian island and it is surrounded by numerous archipelagos that are the physical representation of the authentic beauty of this region. We continue our journey to discover these islands and the best Italian island beaches where you can enjoy a superb ocean vista.

In this journey between the mainland and the sea, we have chosen to take you to Ortygia, which is the historic center of Syracuse even though it is almost 1 kilometer out to sea. A visit to Ortygia is a date with centuries of history, from the splendor of the Magna Graecia to a mixture of different styles in the buildings surrounding Piazza Duomo. Lose yourself in the winding alleys surrounded by baroque architecture that frame the many boutiques of the small town.

best island: in sicily you can see Fountain of ArethusaMyths and legends are the heart of this island full of wonder. Salt water from the Mediterranean contrasts with the freshwater springs on the island, the most famous of which is the Fonte Aretusa. It is said that the nymph Arethusa leapt into the water to escape her suitor Alpheus, giving life to the spring where today a rare example of a Papyrus plant continues to grow. Enjoy our 10 days luxury charming tour of Sicily and discover this amazing island.

Sardinia, a wild land of emerald colors.

Could one of the most envied Italian coasts in the world be missing from this list of pearls of the sea? We are talking about the Costa Smeralda, the Emerald Coast, in Sardinia, which by geographic conformation is not only a region but is also the second largest island in Italy.

It is easy to see why it is called the Emerald Coast: the turquoise blue of the ocean, the nuances of the greenery that is reflected in it, and the glowing pink granite rocks create an explosion of color equal to the reflections of a precious stone. This is the unique and wild landscape in which you will immerse yourself with our tour of the island and the enchanting Maddalena archipelago in your own private boat.

Boat trips, tastings of wine and local products in the midst of wineglasses and vernissage in the cellars of Surrau, set on 40 hectares of vineyards.

A portion of your day dedicated to the exploration of the fascinating Nuraghi, the unique buildings of the Bronze Age, will bring you into contact with a lost civilization. Restaurants selected for the quality of their dishes and starred hotels with access to the best private and exclusive beaches will allow you to experience a holiday where we will fulfill your every wish. You can rely on our itineraries to let you live your 5-star dream!

Lake enthusiasts have their own islands too!

best island: View of the island Comacina on Lake ComoThere are many people who prefer to spend their holidays at the lake. And here too, from the north to the south of Italy, lakes of rare beauty hide islets of various proportions.

A pearl of the Italian lake landscape is undoubtedly Comacina Island, a tiny plot of land rising from Lake Como that astonishes visitors because, despite its small size, it is a destination for adventurous explorers who decide to visit it from the shores of the lake. Once you arrive here, why not expand your lake itinerary and visit Villa del Balbianello, a sixteenth-century residence, FAI heritage (the Italian Foundation for the Environment), or let yourself spend a romantic night in Bellagio, the pearl of the lake? Check out all our offers or, together with us, plan the trip that suits you.