portofinoGuy de Maupassant described it as an “A small village that extends like a crescent moon around this calm basin.” We’re talking about an Italian jewel, the beautiful town of Portofino. Overlooking the waters of the Ligurian Sea, Portofino is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Italy, thanks to the chic and timeless atmosphere that only this city can offer. You may be wondering: where is Portofino? The city, in the province of Genoa, is located in the region of Liguria. From here you can set off to explore the beautiful villages perched along the coast of the Cinque Terre, or the delightful Sanremo, famous for its singing festival and its casinos.

Portofino has always been a travel destination: already in 1850 aristocrats used to visit the city during their Grand Tour, and famous writers such as Herman Hesse, Byron and Shelley were also enchanted by the beauty of the bay. Today it has become a popular destination for celebrities from all over the world. It is not unusual to glimpse Gwyneth Paltrow or Rihanna relaxing on their yachts here!

What to do in Portofino

portofinoThis town, originally a fishing village, boasts an indescribable beauty: the elegant colored buildings, the streets full of fashionable shops, and the bay itself  are just some of the attractions that the area offers. Let’s find out what to do in Portofino during your vacation. Imagine yourself relaxing in one of the beautiful Italian piazzas. Take your time, relax and enjoy watching the passers-by, or the waves that gently rock the boats in the sea, and don’t forget that the coffee in the “Piazzetta” of Portofino is a must-have!

Staying on the subject of food delicacies, you cannot leave Portofino without tasting the Ligurian focaccia, high and soft. If you are a Spritz lover, there is no better time to enjoy the Ligurian Riviera than at aperitivo time: stop and enjoy a relaxing  cocktail on the terrace of a prestigious luxury hotel in Portofino.

The church of San Giorgio is one of the town’s attractions: once you arrive at the church, stop and admire the bay of Portofino and its colorful village. Continuing along the route you will arrive at Castello Brown, a historic residence surrounded by a Mediterranean garden full of flowers, rose gardens and pergolas. Not to be missed! The Abbey of Cervara, a monastery now converted into a luxury resort, also deserves a special mention: the structure is surrounded by a splendid terrace that overlooks the entire Gulf.

Between a boat ride and an aperitivo, don’t forget to stroll through the city streets and go shopping! There is no more picturesque place to shop: wandering through the narrow streets of the town you’ll find high quality, fashionable boutiques where you can buy unique items to remind you of your stay in Portofino.

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