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Italian Inventions and their Inventors

Italian Inventions and their Inventors

Who are the most famous Italian inventors of all time? Those who have transformed  past eras with their flashes of genius? Here for you is a short list of Italian inventions and of the most famous inventors of all, those that have revolutionized our world in every... read more
Roman Nightlife

Roman Nightlife

Here are the most popular places in Rome by night. You have chosen Rome as the destination of your trip with Dragonfly Tours, and after having feasted your eyes on its wonders, you want a moment of relaxation.  Rome by night is full of places where you can spend a fun... read more
Italian New Year’s Eve Traditions

Italian New Year’s Eve Traditions

Have you ever wondered what the origins of the Italian New Year’s traditions are? After Christmas is over, everyone in Italy waits for the New Year to draw up their list of resolutions and goals for the year to come: this is the spirit we bring with us as we... read more

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