Useful phrases in Italian to keep in mind before leaving for Italy

These phrases can give you a leg up in many different situations. Generally, wherever you go, whether it be the airport, the bus station, shops, restaurants or hotels, there is always qualified staff who will be able to speak with you in English, but why not try to learn something more about the country you are visiting? Learning the language is an excellent way to break down barriers and establish a relationship with the locals. Asking for information in the local language and approaching people while trying to interact, will certainly play in your favor. Italians are a very warm and helpful people and will do everything they can to give you the right information. You’ll return home enriched by the experience! And then, you can rely on Dragonfly Tours’ 24-hour assistance for any situation you can’t resolve with your Italian!

Below is a small guide to the most common Italian phrases that can be useful in the most disparate situations.

  1. Può parlare più lentamente?
  2. Non ho ben capito, può spiegarmelo ancora?
  3. Come posso raggiungere il Colosseo?
  4. Può aiutarmi per favore?
  5. Vorrei provare una taglia più grande!
  6. Cameriere, scusi, vorremmo ordinare un piatto di…
  7. Qual è il desk per il check del volo verso New York?
  8. Dove posso prendere un taxi?
  9. Può portarmi il conto?
  10. Può ripetere per favore?

After learning the language basics you are already well on track to enjoy your journey and delight in the beauty of the country. By the way, if you haven’t booked your tour yet, on the Dragonfly Tours website you can choose the destination that catches your eye and personalize every aspect of your itinerary. Tell us about your dream and we will try to make it come true.