A Difficult Dilemma for Every Tourist!

North vs South Italy? It may seem like a strange predicament, but Italy is a peninsula shaped like a long boot, and there is always the quandary about which part of the peninsula to choose as a vacation destination.

The question inevitably arises, especially if it is the first time you’re traveling to the Belpaese, and above all because, let’s face it, from the northern end to the southern tip this country is full of interesting things that attract your attention. Each region has its own peculiarity, its own natural beauty, breathtaking landscapes, traditions deeply rooted in the territory. All of these unique details, however, all share a common sense of belonging and identify our country as one of the most beautiful in the world, the envy of many foreign tourists that love everything about Italy, perhaps even more than the Italians do themselves. With this post we want to make you fall in love even more with our land, with its flavors and its colors.

Traveling by Seasons

north vs south italySo, North vs South Italy: here are some suggestions on which destination is the most appropriate depending on if you decide to visit in winter or summer. Italy is well known for the fact that it has an advantage because its mild climate makes for a fantastic vacation in almost every season. There are gorgeous sunny days even in winter. So why not take advantage of the enchanting Italian mountain landscapes. In the Alps there are numerous and well-equipped ski facilities for sports enthusiasts and they are also very well organized for beginners too.

The most popular regions are undoubtedly Veneto, Trentino Alto-Adige, Friuli Venezia Giulia, and Valle d’Aosta, where the Dolomites stand majestically just one step away from the sky, and the countryside is reflected in the magnificent natural lakes that seem to create with their waters the best impressionist paintings.

Cities of the North vs Beaches of the South

If instead, you want to immerse yourself in the life of the cities of northern Italy, then just think of  Milan, Verona, Venice … you are spoilt for choice. With personalized tours tailored for you by Dragonfly, you can spend your vacation exploring cities that are the perfect combination of art and fun, each with its own characteristics, and each with its own culinary traditions that you won’t be able to resist.

Did you know that many people wonder if Milan is in the north or south of Italy? Let’s clarify any doubt because a visit here is really worth it.

Milan is considered the capital of northern Italy. It is a center of finance and economy that offers extremely varied activities. It is a city of art with a northern European air, and it offers its visitors the splendid architecture of the imposing Duomo and the opportunity to admire the famous painting “The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci, kept in the convent adjacent to the Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie, as well as the possibility to visit one of the most important European stages, the enchanting Teatro alla Scala. With afternoons for shopping and aperitifs on the terrace overlooking the Duomo, Milan is among the coolest cities in Italy. Why not visit during Milan Fashion Week, when the city is packed with events in which the VIPs of the international jet set participate?

One of Milan’s advantages is that it is very close to one of the most famous lake landscapes in the world: Lake Como could be a daytrip for you during your stay in Northern Italy. At the lake, everything is centered on exclusiveness, on the opportunity of spending a few days away from the hustle and bustle,  and Dragonfly knows how to pamper its customers with tours and activities tailored to each individual. Are you a newlywed couple and want to spend a luxurious honeymoon in Italy? Give us your wish list, we will do everything we can to make it a reality and give you the best honeymoon ever.

north vs south italyOn the opposite end of the Peninsula, color and warmth await you. When you think of Southern Italy, don’t you already imagine the beautiful sea, the small boat cruises on the Amalfi Coast and the islands of the Campania archipelago between Capri and Ischia? And what about the characteristic landscapes of Puglia? Have you ever seen a trullo up close? It is an experience that you can’t repeat anywhere else in the world because these ancient dwellings are only found here, in a region that alternates between its beautiful coasts and beaches and the colors of its hinterland. We could say the same of the Sicilian and Sardinian seas whose waters are so transparent that they look like natural swimming pools, pearls of inestimable beauty where nature is sovereign. Let yourself be charmed by these lands full of stories to tell and archaeological beauty to explore while surrounded by the crystalline waters of the coasts.

Culinary Tradition: South vs. North

The North-South divide in Italy has always been a much debated issue. When talking about traditions and culture it’s impossible not to have differences, but each region is working to make the most of its own history and to support activities that will increase its economy, and improving its services and amenities for tourists. This is why, for example, magnificent regions of the south are increasingly elected as the favorite destinations of food and wine tourism: Campania, Puglia and Sicily are certainly at the top of the list for their offerings of culinary delicacies and fine wines. The best typical dishes?

north vs south italyIn Campania, in Naples, we have the queen of the table, her Majesty the Pizza Margherita. In Puglia we have a succulent dish of orecchiette con le cime di rape  (pasta with turnip greens). In Sicily we find dishes influenced by the Arab tradition that helped to create one of the best cuisines in the world. The north is not to be discouraged and responds with traditional dishes and desserts: the ossobuco that you will taste in Milan is incomparable; the risottos are cooked to perfection; the lasagna alla bolognese, the pasta with Ligurian pesto, the mountain strudel with apples and dried fruit … the list goes on and on.

Making a ranking  defined by “why” you should choose the north rather than the south, or vice versa, is not possible in a country like Italy which has one of the most complete tourist offerings in the world, thanks to its natural landscapes, art and history which is present in  even the smallest of villages. There is a route suitable for each of you. We’re not here to tell you what is the best place to visit for all of you, but rather to create packages organized for each of you, based on your individual needs and wishes, that will quench your personal thirst for discovery. And to reach this goal, the Peninsula itself is our accomplice because when it comes down to it, all the cultural differences between north and south  Italy constitute nothing but an added value to your experience here.

Take a look at our best vacations tour for unforgettable holidays in Italy: we recommend this itinerary from south to north in 15 days, from Amalfi to Como, passing through the splendid central regions. No details will be left to chance!