Who hasn’t dreamed of their wedding day: the dress, rings, guests, the location. And you, have you ever thought about having an Italian wedding? The customs, although different from north to south, pay great attention to detail, especially those related to the food and the reception venue, an essential factor of a memorable event. Here is a short review of some traditional Italian wedding venues, among the most romantic places in the world to promise eternal love.

Wedding in Rome: Enchanting Villas in the Heart of the City

italian weddingThe Eternal City with its timeless charm is one of the loveliest places to get married, a magical place where history and culture combine to create a setting of legendary beauty. Is getting married in one of the most romantic destinations in the world a dream of yours? Rome is here waiting for you, with its elegant villas overlooking the city.

One of the most beautiful views of Rome is from Villa Miani, which offers the happy couple an incomparable panorama. This neoclassical villa was built in the early 1900s for Counts of Miani, who chose the hill of Monte Mario to build their splendid property. The favorable position of the house allows its guests to admire the entire city and be enchanted by its timeless beauty. With monumental halls, terraces from which to admire the Basilica of Saint Peter’s, and  surrounded by a charming English garden, this is the dream setting in which to seal your “I do”.

Next to the Gianicolo hill stands an evocative villa: Villa Piccolomini, a jewel of rare beauty nestled in the heart of Rome. Historically, the villa belonged to the countess Anna Menotti Piccolomini and later passed to her son, the actor Nicolò. The count, who died prematurely during the Second World War, left Villa Piccolomini to his fellow actors. 10,000 square meters of gardens and parks, panoramic terraces and a portico with views of St. Peter’s will make your wedding truly special.

Ready to let yourself be captivated by the charm of the capital? With our 15 day luxury tour of Rome, the Amalfi Coast and Sardinia, you will discover the magical places of the capital. Don’t wait any longer, make your special day unforgettable, who knows, the charm of the city may just convince you that getting married in Italy is just what you want.

Florence: Among Art, Culture and Romance

italian weddingThe cradle of the Renaissance is a unique city: here in Florence famous personalities, writers, and artists have left their mark on history. And it is here that the most beautiful weddings are celebrated: imagine the charm of the city at sunset, it immediately inspires love and romance.

Palazzo Borghese is a pearl of neoclassical architecture: it rises in the center of Florence, near Piazza del Duomo and Piazza della Signoria and was the historical home of Count Camillo Borghese and Paolina Bonaparte. Relive the magical atmosphere of the Florentine nobility strolling through the majestic halls adorned with stucco, statues, marble and mirrors. The pride of Palazzo Borghese is the finely frescoed Hall of Mirrors. This fifteenth-century dwelling will leave an indelible mark in your heart.

Elegance in Florence also has another name and it is Villa Cora, which has become more fashionable in the last few years. This location is being chosen more and more often by couples who come from all over the world. It stands in the green hills of Florence, near the Boboli Gardens, and is certainly an example of eclecticism that will entrance your guests, maybe even, for a moment, stealing the attention from the bride! Not only in the city but also in the small hillside estates you will find some of the best places to get married in Italy: celebrating love in Tuscany is a guarantee of success to make one of the best days of your life absolutely unforgettable.

Sicily: a Villa Reception

Further south, in the splendid land of Sicily, in Catania, Palazzo Manganelli is one of the most popular settings for a perfect wedding, where nothing is left to chance. The building itself contains an aristocratic history that is centuries-old. Built in the 1400s by the Tornabene family, it was later sold to the Paternò family, viewed highly by the noble society of the period. Destroyed by an earthquake in the late seventeenth century, the building underwent several changes throughout the decades, until its restoration in the 1800s that gave the building the meticulously decorated interiors that we can admire today.

These Baroque style interiors, together with the garden, are the perfect background to welcome guests to your special event.

From Catania, we move to Palermo, where Villa Chiaramonte Bordonaro offers a dreamy atmosphere where you can have a taste of a glorious and opulent past. You just need to cross the threshold to get lost in the enchantment of its interiors worked filled with minute details. A location of such rare beauty would certainly be the finest background to celebrate love in one of the most visited lands in Italy. Visit Sicily in our 10-day luxury tour and give yourself a daydream, who knows, you may decide to get married right here.

Celebrities Wedding

italian weddingNo one is immune to the charm of Italy, and the numerous celebrity weddings are proof of this. Here are some international couples who have chosen the Belpaese as their location in which to promise eternal love. The popstar Justin Timberlake and actress Jessica Biel married in the exclusive location of Borgo Egnazia in Puglia, (the same place that Madonna chose a few years ago to spend a few days away from the spotlight), surrounded by all their loved ones, Lady Gaga included.

Florence, as already mentioned, is a reference point for weddings in Italy thanks to its romantic and elegant appeal that strikes the heart. One of the most famous couples of the star system decided to get married right in the Tuscan capital: we are talking about Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West, who chose the beautiful Forte Belvedere to host the ceremony. Perugia is a city with a unique, cosy atmosphere, a place of timeless charm. Actor Neil Patrick Harris and husband David could not choose a more magical city to exchange sweet vows of love and have fun at an exclusive party that included Sir Elton John among the guests.

Northern Italy reveals gems of incredible beauty like Lake Como. This is where George Clooney and Amal said: “I do!”. But the Clooneys are not the only ones to choose Lake Como: the singer John Legend and the supermodel Chrissy Teigen also crowned their dream of love here. There is no more magical backdrop for an intimate ceremony, don’t you agree? From south to north, crowning your dream of love in Italy will be unforgettable. But, just in case you have already chosen your location, closer to home, remember: you can always choose, together with the Dragonfly team,  the best destinations for a unique and unforgettable honeymoon in Italy.