Dear friends and customers, in this moment of particular gravity, I felt the need to share my thoughts with you. This a time that due to the fact that we are all obliged  to stay in our homes, we must try to make the best use of it by trying to focus our attention on all those things that, by virtue of the hectic life we ​​lead, we usually do not fully appreciate their value.

I’m not just talking about the most important values ​​such as family, work and affection, but to those we don’t normally pay attention to: I’m talking about the most needy who are less fortunate than us having had the misfortune of being born in an underdeveloped country or who lived on the edge of society.

I believe that if we see this Corona Virus not only as a curse but a strong signal that forces us to reflect on the fact that in the space of a few weeks it has forced everyone, without distinction of nationality, race, social class, to feel united for the first time under a problem that unites us and that we are all part of a single large planet and that if we want to continue to live on it we must take greater care of it and that we cannot continue to be disinterested in what happens to our neighbor precisely because we are one. And as our beloved Pope Francis I said “We cannot think of living on a sick planet without getting sick ourselves”

As you know, Dragonfly Tours is based in the United States and has its operating office in Rome where eight talented girls who take care of our customers daily: 90% of these customers are American. This situation makes me feel particularly close to both countries. In Italy we were the first to touch the problems related to this virus first hand. From many countries we have been made fun of for the type of limitations that the Italian government has immediately implemented to try to contain the spread and now after more than a month of suffering and quarantine we start to see the light at the end of the tunnel and the hope to be able to return to our beloved job before long.

You American friends, on the other hand, are in the middle of the problem right now and are experiencing that state of mind in which we were a month ago. We were overwhelmed by images of hospitals taken by storm, by the deaths of our grandparents and parents, numbers that continued to grow and it seemed that nothing could stem this catastrophe.

We saw and see our most beautiful deserted tourist sites as we have never seen them. I want to tell you that you have to stick to the quarantine, the social distancing and only in this way you too will come out stronger than before. Know that I, like all of my staff, are close to you and we pray for you.

The approach of the Easter holidays normally is a source of joy and a moment of good wishes. As Dragonfly Tours we have decided that the best way to wish you a happy Easter and at the same time feel close to each other is to invite you “virtually” to the Duomo of Milan on Easter Sunday, Sunday 12 April for the Andrea Bocelli concert . The concert, without an audience and will be broadcast worldwide from 7 pm CET on the tenor’s YouTube channel. – See more at:

I leave you and greet you with the words of Bocelli in reference to this event

Roberto Maria Rinaldi

Dragonfly Tours


 “I believe in the strength to pray together, I believe in Christian Easter, the universal symbol of a rebirth that everyone, believers and non-believers, needs now. Thanks to music, which will involve streaming millions of hands joined all over the world, we will embrace this heart button of the wounded world, wonderful international forge which is the pride of Italy. The generous, proactive, courageous Milan and Italy will all be again and very soon – I am sure – a winning model, the engine of a Renaissance that we all hope for. a joy to witness it, in the Duomo, on the feast that evokes the mystery of birth and rebirth “. Andera Bocelli