Dear friends and clients,

As you know, our company is specialized in incoming tourism to Italy, the country where I was born and which I especially care for and where I live mostly all year round. We were the first country In Europe to challenge the battle against the Corona Virus and initially, because of misinformation published in the media, it seemed as if we were the source of this terrible disease worldwide. Today, 3 months later, unfortunately the pandemic has spread throughout the world.

The moments that you are now living in person, we lived, possibly even more dramatically; since we were the first to see the wave of disease, we were unprepared psychologically and medically to confront the emerging emergency.

Despite this, being the first to be hit by the pandemic, it resulted in us getting through the tunnel before many other countries and currently new cases in Italy has been reduced to a few hundred, 80% of which are in the Lombardy region of Italy.

On May 18th commercial activities such as cafes, restaurants and shops have been opened, including churches and all of the museums. Obviously not everything will return as it was before, there will be restrictions that will have to be observed including social distancing. This may open up our beautiful country in a different way resulting in a more humane environment like fewer and shorter lines and fewer crowds at our major attractions known so well by all.

These 3 months have been devastating economically, especially in the tourism sector. We have seen, in the scan of two short weeks, the cancelation of all our bookings from March 2020 through August 2020.

Nevertheless, despite this serious situation we all do believe in our company – in the product we provide and offer to our clients and in our staff, who remain fully employed, working from home remotely via the internet.

Dragonfly Tours’ management is using this time of inactivity to communicate with all of our suppliers/vendors (guides, drivers, restaurants, hotels, etc..) to put together necessary procedures for the upcoming opening, as soon as it is possible, guaranteeing to all our clients the possibility to take advantage and make use of our services with total safety limiting any inconveniences in every way and experience the variety of tours offered by our company, respecting the new rules and regulations currently imposed.

Considering the current situation, we foresee that from the month of August 2020, all of our services will be able to be guaranteed and we will slowly be able to recommence our normal activities.

Dragonfly Tours Italy is here, waiting to offer you a variety of amazing experiences within the new safety parameters currently imposed.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Roberto Maria Rinaldi