Sicily, a land to love

On this island in Southern Italy there are all the ingredients needed for a  great vacation: sun, beautiful sea, history and excellent cuisine. If you add the luxury and exclusivity that a 10-day tour in Sicily with Dragonfly can offer you, you will have the perfect recipe to enjoy a sweet Sicilian summer.

Let’s start from Palermo

You will start this fantastic experience in Palermo, where your private driver will welcome you at the airport and take you to the splendid hotel chosen for your stay. During your time in Palermo, the city will surprise you with its unique beauty where stories of ancient civilizations intertwine.

Its buildings, its secrets, the oldest markets, the famous Ballarò, nothing will be spared. Of course, all of it will be seasoned with the extraordinary culinary tradition of the region, everything from sweet to savory in a blaze of flavor! You will sample the world famous Sicilian cannoli in some of the best pastry shops, as well as other regional confectionery wonders.

In 10 days in Sicily you will visit the wonderful treasures that this land contains, staying in exclusive places where wishes are brightened by the sun.

For example, the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, where you will visit the superb archaeological park, immersing yourself in the history of the area, with a guide at your disposal who will tell you the stories of what lies behind the ruins of ancient civilizations.

Your journey continues to Modica, where your sweet tooth will thank you, because here you will visit the oldest pastry shop in Sicily and taste the famous local chocolate, prepared only with cocoa and sugar.

Sicily past and present

Along your journey you will encounter the traces of the ancient peoples who inhabited this beautiful island. In Syracuse you will almost feel as though you are in Greece. You will visit “L’orecchio di Dionisio” (The ear of Dionysus),  a cave named for its unusual shape, similar to a human ear. And in Ortigia, the historical center and heart of the city, the classic and baroque style of its structures will surround you: classic churches, like the Duomo, built in the style of the old temple of Athena, and palaces that give a distinctive flavor to this corner of the city. What’s more, the shops in the center make and sell handcrafts that cannot be found elsewhere.

Have you ever heard of Mount  Etna? Close by the volcano is the city of Catania, where ash occasionally rains on the streets.

You will explore the boisterous Pescheria, (the daily market of fish and vegetables). You will visit Acireale and Aci Castello, with its medieval Norman castle built in 1076 on a terrace of prehistoric basalt lava.

The landscape here is forged from lava, just look at The Rocks of the Cyclops, imposing shards of black lava that rise from the water, that, according to Homer’s Odyssey, the Cyclops Polyphemus hurled at the fleeing Ulysses, who had blinded him, and so they still stand today as they landed in the sea.

However, we cannot say goodbye to Sicily without dedicating a moment to Taormina, a city perched on a rocky promontory over the Ionian Sea. After a swim in its azure waters, you can take a stroll through the typical cobbled streets  and spacious open piazzas of this charming medieval city known for its extraordinary classical Greek-Roman theater and its beautiful historic center.

Take a deep breath, it’s all true. Don’t let this dream remain just a dream. We are waiting for you in Sicily!