Why choosing private tours? A good question. Why don’t you share your table at the restaurant with unknown people? Do you like peace, tranquillity? Why do you hate people talking during a movie at the cinema? You want to enjoy your favorite moments.

You must enjoy them. The best way to enjoy your tour is not being surrounded by tens of people, children or less younger ones.

Why choosing private tours: 5 good reasons

It’s not about being snob. It is an indisputable truth. If you’ve ever joined a crowded group tour you are already aware of the discomfort it involves. Children scream, everything is not at your pace, you can’t hear a single word from your guide. And when the tour ends, it seems like you did not enjoyed it. In the worst case, you could not wait for it to finish. So you did not enjoyed it!

But that doesn’t mean that group tours are not enjoyable at all. Our philosophy is different, we like to make each minute matter. Here’s our reasons to book a private tour rather than a group tour.

It’s, mostly, a question of time and quality of life, standard of living. Lifestyle.

why choosing private tours

1. A whole new degree of customization

A tour can be tailored to your needs. A tour should be tailored to your need. To your desires, to your curiosity. Each private tour (we can speak for us, Dragonfly Tours) should be able to give you something you will never forget. It’s not about travels, it’s about experiencing something new.

2. Access to unique experiences

Special experiences are reserved for the few. Feelings, sensations. In conclusion, all you really have left are your memories. All a really good private tour do is building unforgettable memories for you. Unique experiences, peculiar events, excellent guides, first-rate stay.

3. You set the pace

Yes, it is disappointing when you are ready to go and you can’t. The same when you are not ready and people don’t wait for you. If I want to stare at my favorite piece of art for 5 minutes, I must have the chance to do it.

Why choosing private tours?  You are like a leading runner who sets the pace in a race. The tour will follow you.

4. Your time is precious

It’s all about time. Time is money, but not only that. Making up for lost time is very hard. Don’t waste your precious time, if you can. Choosing a private tour means making better use of your hours and days.

Why? Because it makes any minute special.

5. Choose by yourself

Unparalleled flexibility. Personalized attention to your interests. (Real) local delicacies whenever you want. Great care and attention to details. We couldn’t give all this up.

Could you?

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