What does it mean that travel broadens the mind? Travelers often return from a trip as different people. Why does it happen? One fundamental concept. Traveling is a true learning experience allowing you, your culture and your philosophy grow.

Cultures and societies: a dive into another life

The experience of immersion into the foreign. This is the first reason moving you to plan the next trip. We could call it “thirst for knowledge“. It’s fascinating! Traveling keeps you off your familiar cultural environment and into another, often different, cultural setting. While traveling, you are able to gain a new perspective experiencing different cultures while opening your eyes.

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Siena – Public Palace

Traveling is, in a way, the same as reading a book. It gives you time to think, to design, to learn and observe new things – history, culture, food. Traveling also allows you to introspect, maybe being inspired by the awareness of the differences between your mind, your ideas and those of the people in the world. It’s a chance to discover your true personality.

When your life is on automatic, your brain risk to become as switched-off. It means that routine for too long makes our way of thinking static. You need to meet new people and learn to accept different ways of life.

Travel broadens the mind, dragonfly tours, trip in Italy, luxury travel, traveling the boot, Italy,

Hanged clothes

Traveling is the best way! This is what we mean when we say that travel broadens the mind! Break your rules and something will happen.

There are million things that are ready to astonish and confuse you! Even small things are often surprisingly different and make you think: do you know good table manners in Italy? And the origins of the Natural Arch in Capri? Can you taste wine?

Travel broadens the mind and enlarge your horizon

So, when you realize that you need that feelings of “out of the ordinary” and you need to challenge yourself, to bring yourself into question in order to grow, then you’ll never stop traveling. If your already aware that confusion – in a way – can be considered just an early stage of knowledge, probably you are a travel lover!

Travel broadens the mind, dragonfly tours, trip in Italy, luxury travel, traveling the boot, Italy, Milan, vertical wood

If you accept the challenge of facing the differences, you will be able to say what is closer to your soul and what is not. Only then you can be sure of your personality. We are describing just some of the reasons why taking a trip that can be simply summarized as: traveling is discovery. It is the extension of your knowledge.

If you don’t know how Sardinian shepherds live nearby the emerald coast, if you have never seen how is the life of a fisherman in Capri, if you wonder if you can stand the chaos of a metropolis such as Milan, the answer is always the same: travel. Plan your trip to Italy and come to feel what is like living among ancient buildings and modern fashion. We are talking about our country because we live here and we know what you can get from here, but travel will broaden your mind wherever you go.