A Story of Passion and Motors that has lasted for over 90 Years

Mille Miglia: Drivers look at the finish line during the last day of the 1000 Miles Historic Road Race

In the collective imagination, the Mille Miglia is the queen of motor racing competitions with twenty-four historical editions, from 1927 to 1957, and a route that continues for about 1600 km, the famous “thousand imperial miles”  from which the race takes its name. The starting point is the city of Brescia, in Lombardy, and the race continues in a path in the shape of a figure of eight to Rome, which is the turning point to continue north again with the grand finale at its starting point.

Mille Miglia: the last edition

Brescia’s enthusiasm for car races began at the end of the 1800s and was so strong that an old motto states that in the veins of the Brescians flows gasoline instead of blood. And so, after years of roaring engines, on the morning of March 27, 1927, the myth came to life.

For 24 editions a lot of champions took their place on the Mille Miglia finish line, and the popularity of the race grew more and more among an audience that excitedly awaited the event of the year. However, there were also editions remembered for the incidents that involved spectators and motorists alike, and from that moment the authorities decided to prohibit high-speed racing on routes open to traffic. Safety first.

The Mille Miglia today

Mille Miglia: a Bugatti passes through the city centre of FerraraSince 1977 the allure of the Mille Miglia lives on in the form of historical re-enactment. It is an equally awaited event that follows the mythical route through half of Italy and is open to vintage cars built no later than 1957, which have already participated in or were registered to participate in, one of the original editions of the race. It is the first time that the historical re-enactments of a race exceed the actual number of races held, but as already mentioned, the route that passes through many Italian cities, the technological innovations that made the cars faster and faster, and the intrepid courage that flowed in the veins of its drivers jeopardized the public safety despite all of the safety measures put in place.

The 2018 edition was the 36th re-enactment with its 1,743 km route. In the Rome stage, the symbol of the celebration, from Via Veneto to Piazza della Repubblica a real festival event was set up, with live coverage by the media and social media with the abundant participation of famous faces from the Italian and international jet set. It is the appeal of this unique race that gives life to the myth. A myth that can be re-lived by visiting the Museum of the Mille Miglia in Brescia, where you can peruse the historical archives that trace the passing of time and revive the passion for this motoring event.

Driving experiences with Dragonfly

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