The Amalfi Coast is a poetically romantic and beautiful place that boasts some of the most captivating scenery of the Italian peninsula. It has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and falls under the category of Italian luxury tour, thanks to its lavish villas, its hotels overlooking the sea, and its beaches nestled among the rocks.

Amalfi Coast MapThis beautiful location on the Gulf of Salerno, in southern Italy, is a dream vacation destination, so much so that it has become one of the most popular places for a romantic honeymoon in Italy after Rome and Venice.

The coast extends from Positano to Vietri Sul Mare, the birthplace of majolica ceramics, and at its heart is the town of Amalfi, from which it takes its name.

Amalfi was founded by the Romans and was the first Maritime Republic together with Pisa, Venice, and Genoa.

Amalfi is a unique city. In fact, according to ancient legend, it was founded by Hercules for the love of the nymph Amalfi who had eyes as blue as the sea. It is said that Hercules buried her in a place where the sea would cradle her in a timeless embrace.


What to see during a Honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast

“Positano is a Capri for people of a quieter disposition. Amalfi, which as everyone knows, was the oldest of our Maritime Republics, is a lively town, with small shops of talkative barbers working late into the night, winding streets, a beautiful cathedral, and some aristocratic homes”. Guido Piovene

You can’t help but start from the enchanting scenery that greets you upon your arrival: tiny villages hidden in the valleys and clinging to the slopes of the mountains, impressive sea views and small secluded corners. It is a one of a kind landscape that is especially appreciated by lovers.



The lovely Villa Cimbrone and the historic Villa Rufolo in Ravello are absolutely worth a visit. Located in the hills above the Amalfi Coast, the town of Ravello is appreciated by newlyweds for its tranquillity and its relaxed atmosphere.  A sunset stroll through the gardens of Villa Cimbrone, whose avenues lead to the Terrace of Infinity,  is sure to enchant any romantic soul with its magical ambiance and create memories that will last a lifetime.



A mandatory stop is the Chiostro del Paradiso (the Cloister of Paradise) in the Cathedral of Amalfi. The cloister has long been the cemetery of Amalfi nobility. It is an example of the Romanesque Amalfi style, adorned with marble columns.


Vietri Sul Mare

Vietri Sul Mare (Italy)

A trip to Vietri Sul Mare is an absolute must for ceramics enthusiasts. Famous for its pottery shops, it is an ideal opportunity to find that special something for a new home.


Positano is the ideal destination for a romantic lunch: this precious gem of the Amalfi coast, nestled in the rock cliffs and overlooking the sea, is famous for its architectural style and its labyrinth-like alleys where it is easy, and fun, to get lost among the colorful houses. Positano is without a doubt the sweetest part of a honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast.


Sorrento (Italy)

Sorrento captivates tourists with its breath-taking views of the Gulf of Naples. Celebrated by poets and singers, it is the largest city of the Coast. With its remarkable architecture, its legends of mermaids, and its rich history, Sorrento is charming throughout the year, no matter the season. Do not miss the Museo Correale with its collection of 17th and 18th century arts, its beautiful surrounding gardens, and the Belvedere Terrace that overlooks the gulf.


Capri is one of the most romantic islands on the coast, and in Summer it fills with tourists that come from all over the world. La Piazzetta, the Blue Grotto and the path that leads to the Faraglioni, are among the most visited places on the island, but there is a Capri for all tastes: the narrow streets lined with white houses are less crowded and more secluded, a favourite place for couples; for nature lovers there is trekking, or how about a boat ride to one of the many coves in the amazingly blue sea. Capri is a cosmopolitan island, a destination for artists, intellectuals and businessmen.


Curiosities and popular traditions of the Amalfi Coast

The towns along the Amalfi coast are very tied to their local folklore and traditions. Many traditions take place during the Easter period and are of a religious nature.

The most striking of these is the Processione of the Incappucciati (the procession of the hooded men) in Sorrento on Good Friday. A group of hooded men wearing black and white holding lit candles in their hands and carrying crosses and statues of the Madonna parade through the city streets.

Another tradition not to be missed are the festivals related to the Tarantella, a folk dance that comes from Southern Italy. This dance is said to have its origins in the ancient celebrations in honor of Bacchus, the God of wine, and then over the years it has become an intrinsic part of local folk culture.

The dance was practiced in ancient times by women who claimed to have been bitten by the tarantula, a very poisonous animal, and to help alleviate the pain they were forced to move around, giving life to a dance called, in fact, the Tarantella. One of the most beautiful exhibitions of the Tarantella is held during the summer in Sorrento.

Great importance is given to the celebrations that honor the Saints, such as the festivals in honor of Saint Andrew, Amalfi’s Patron saint, held in Amalfi on June 27th and November 30th. A silver bust of the apostle is carried in a procession along the beach accompanied by numerous boats.

Faraglioni CapriYou cannot visit Capri without knowing the legend of the Faraglioni. According to Virgil in the Aeneid, this fantastic place was inhabited by sirens. Another story tells us about the rocks being used as lighthouses for ships that were passing (hence the name Faraglioni).

There is, however, a true story behind all these legends: hidden among these rocks lives a blue lizard, so rare as to be almost mythological, and in ancient times brave sailors ventured to climb the rocks and tempt fate just to catch a glimpse.

Are you ready to let yourself be enveloped by the tradition and legends of the South and enjoy your honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast?