The culture of the city of Rome: you can see it if you have an attentive and  keen eye, you can touch it with your hands in all the wonders of its monuments and its works of art, you can immortalize it in beautiful photographs with breath-taking views; but above all you can taste it in Rome’s  restaurants and characteristic eateries.

romeFood is the cultural heritage of a territory because it is the result of its history, of the people who have lived there, and of the traditions that made it immortal. You cannot say you really know a place if you have not tasted its food, if you have not tasted the dishes in all those places that are witness to the history and spirit of a civilization.

The culture of Rome is also, and above all, in its cuisine. If we associate the cult of pizza to the Neapolitans, the pleasure of the steak to the Florentines, the cutlet or risotto to the Milanese, the Romans are, without doubt, a people with a delicious cuisine that is the result of ancient flavors and historical influences.

romeThe best setting to enjoy Roman cuisine is, without a doubt, the Trastevere district, where the traditional dishes maintain their authenticity within the walls of the most characteristic restaurants, trattorias, and taverns of the capital.

So here’s some advice on where to eat in Trastevere, where to stop to refuel, in the best way possible, after a stroll through the alleys and cobbled streets of one of the liveliest neighborhoods in Rome.

The Top 10 Best Places to Eat in Trastevere

10.L’Impiccetta, at Via dei Fienaroli

One of the highlights of this restaurant is certainly the abundance of dishes it serves to its customers. A typical Roman restaurant where it is impossible to leave and still be hungry. The specialty of the house? The pasta with Cacio e Pepe (cheese and black pepper) in a parmesan basket

9.l’Hosteria dei Numeri Primi, at via del Politeama

A delightful and hospitable eatery. A restaurant where you really feel at home. The food is very good and the service is impeccable. A restaurant with a more elegant feel than many others in the area. VII Corte, in Piazza Sonnino

Here you can try Roman dishes with a touch of Sicilian influence: this is a particularity of the restaurant, as well as its superb location right in the center of Trastevere. The dishes served are much sought after, and another highlight is the characteristic terrace with a view

rome7.Ma che siete venuti a fa, at via Benedetta.

Here is our recommendation for those who are looking more for craft beers than for a true restaurant. Some say this is the best pub currently present on the Roman scene, the ideal place in Trastevere to grab a bite to eat and a good beer, and enjoy the game in the company of other foreign tourists.

6.Otello in Trastevere, on via della Pelliccia

One of the more characteristic Roman trattorias, with tables with checkered tablecloths, the best traditional Roman dishes, and the confusion and laughter from the cobbled streets of Trastevere. Among the specialties offered by the house the typical Roman artichokes prepared in many delicious variations Prosciutteria Cantina dei Papi, on via Della Scala

What if the secret ingredient of your perfect lunchtime is a true prosciutto plate? For lovers of the genre, this is a mandatory stop, in one of the nicest locales in Trastevere.

rome Tavernetta 29, in via della Pelliccia

A charming place where you can eat real Roman cuisine. In the heart of Trastevere, in one of its most popular locations, you will find dishes with generous portions, and you can taste the best house specialties: amatriciana and carbonara Boccaccia, in via di Santa Dorotea

It is at number 3 in the ranking of the best places to eat in Trastevere. Even  Roman pizza has its tradition and here the pizza Trasteverina is at its best. A compulsory stop for those who want to really experience this Roman neighborhood

2.Ombre Rosse, in Piazza Sant’Egidio

The silver medal goes to a place that combines the pleasure of the palate with the fun of live music. A really evocative setting in the center of Trastevere where you can enjoy a romantic evening or enjoy excellent cocktails

1.Supplì, in via di San Francesco a Ripa

First place in the ranking goes to the fastest, tastiest, and best fried cuisine in Trastevere. If you are in the area, this is where you can find the traditional Roman supplì. Do not miss the special supplì prepared in its amatriciana and carbonara variations.