Origins and History of Taormina

Sicily: the land of sun, colors, and untamed nature that is set in the blue of the Mediterranean. The scent of citrus in the air and  the glories of the past that surround you, Sicily is this and much more. It has an allure that stimulates all five senses.

Taormina: the mediterranean seaThis same charm enchants every visitor who chooses to spend their vacation in Taormina. There are countless visitors whose memories of Taormina hold a special place in their hearts. It has always been a destination loved by the most illustrious intellectuals in all of Europe, but since the seventeenth century it also became a stop of the Grand Tour: the journey that wealthy aristocrats made, traveling around Europe to enjoy different cultures and lifestyles.

So it was a very long time ago that Taormina acquired the title of renowned tourist destination, and still today it is among the most popular vacation spots in the world, and among the most enchanting places in Sicily, thanks to its magnificent natural landscape.

It rises on Mount Tauro, from which it takes its name, halfway between Messina and Catania. Conquered, destroyed and rebuilt over the centuries, Taormina has always carried with it a beauty that has been renewed and reinforced after every foreign occupation.

Things to See and Things to Do in Taormina

Today Taormina continues to be a must for Italians and foreign tourists alike who cannot resist the charms of this land where past and present blend together in the rugged natural landscape.

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Topping the list of things to see, and your first stop as an explorer can only be the Teatro Antico, the Ancient Theater, the second Sicilian Roman theatre, following only that of Syracuse, with a capacity of over 5,000 spectators.

Taormina Against the background of the Ionian Sea and the volcano Mount Etna lies this ancient amphitheater of Hellenistic origin that scholars date back to the III century BC. Today it is a stage for important artistic and cultural events that carry the name of the small town, such as the Taormina Film Fest, the film festival during which the winners are awarded the prized Silver Ribbons. You can visit the Teatro Antico throughout the year, given the mild climate of Taormina.

From the theatre stage to that of mother nature, here is Isola Bella. “Isola bedda” in Sicilian, it is also known as “the pearl of the Mediterranean“.  Surrounded by emerald waters, it is actually connected to the coast by a tongue of land that sometimes resurfaces, depending on the tides. Visiting Taormina without a stop at Isola Bella is unthinkable. First given, then sold and bought for a few Italian lire, today this natural heritage site is waiting to be included in the list of Unesco goods for its exceptionality. It is a work of art that nature has given to man, and it just takes a boat ride to admire it close up.

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The best time to visit Taormina

TaorminaWhen is the best time to visit Taormina in Sicily? Certainly beginning in the spring, when the weather begins to get milder and the days to get longer. This season is certainly the most suitable for exploring not only Taormina but the entire Sicilian island, so you can appreciate its natural beauty while avoiding the peak tourist season. But if you are a fan of the sun then, needless to say, we’ll expect you in the summer when you will be warmed not only the sun but also by the welcome you will receive here.

What can we say? Taormina is wonderful the year long: why not spend a weekend here between September and October? The weather won’t be a problem at all, and the autumn atmosphere is suggestive, a perfect picture that only Taormina can give you!

Taormina and Sicily for Your Honeymoon

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