There are two gems in the treasure that we name Italy. There is a bigger pearl and a smaller – but no less important and charming – one. All the best agencies offering Italy tours plan a visit to ome vs floreome and Florence. All Italian guidebooks will suggest you to come and see two of the most beautiful cities of the world. But could someone decide which one is better? Rome vs Florence, Florence vs Rome, the Italian derby. It is a hard challenge. And now we’ll explain you why they will tie this match.

Rome vs Florence: tie

The Eternal city vs the cradle of the Renaissance. How can we even think about a challenge like this? No way, the winner is objectively unidentifiable. But it is a fantastic way to compare two amazing places of central Italy. A good excuse to remind you that if you are a traveler, if you love Italy, if you like art and cities full of History…you must come to Italy and visit both Rome and Florence.

The best way to visit Florence and Rome

Therefore, the first question is “have you ever been there”? If your answer is No, then you have no idea what you are missing out on. And the consequence is not “Rome or Florence: which one”? It is Florence and Rome, just decide when!

Is the ‘Caput mundi’ going to win our Rome vs Florence challenge?

Roma capital of the world. This phrase originates out from a classical European understanding of the known world: Europe, North Africa, and Southwest Asia. Just to be clear, people describe New York sometimes with the phrase “New Capital of the World” (Novum caput mundi).

Rome is a very crowded big city, full of people (nearly 5 million of inhabitants), where everything happens…

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What does it mean? We do not want a list of the wonders of the Italian capital (officially approved). It would be too easy. Vatican museums, architecture, Renaissance and Baroque, Neoclassicism, parks, gardens, fountains, statues, bridges, castles and archaeological areas. By the way, it should takes hours and thousands words.

So, why else would this city win this Rome vs Florence challenge?

What you are going to see

Beyond cityscape and art (Bernini and Caravaggio, Oh My God) that greet the eye, Rome is culture and symbolizes tourism, fashion, cuisine, cinema. The most visited city of Italy (with an average of 7-10 million tourists a year) is second only to Milan as regards fashion culture. It has a centuries old gastronomic tradition and is the driving force of the Italian movie industry (Cinecittà, in the 1950s and 1960s was defined Hollywood on the Tiber).

You will find hundreds of reasons and you will walk around every neighborhood of this multi faceted capital. Trastevere is a picturesque medieval area on the west bank of the Tiber river. It is the 13th district of Rome. This rione will charm you with an amazing array of food choices, little streets, musicians.

Coppedè is another beautiful area. Something very different from everything else in Rome. We suggest to go with the daylight to appreciate the beautiful buildings with a very particular, sheer architecture. Coppedè is an unusual area to visit, but the overarching Art Nouveau style and the palaces projected by some important modern architects will seduce you.

Coppedè, rome vs florence, florence vs rome, rome, dragonfly tours

One of the beautiful buildings of the Coppedè neighborhood

Rome is also one the best international movie locations and also a best-loved destination for honeymoon in Italy

Furthermore, Rome is not just Rome (and , believe us, Rome would be enough). Yes, you can decide to move for a day tour from Rome and reach magic places like Ostia. The ancient part of the town is one of the best preserved ancient cities in the world. A kind of Roman Pompeii. Here, you will find very important intact ruins tucked away in a beautiful area: temples, baths, the houses. Everything here is still greatly preserved, and you will feel like you are traveling back in time.

Our advice to let Rome win into your heart

Just like every great city of the world, Rome would require a life to be deeply appreciated in every aspect. Every time you leave this city behind you, the desire to come back to your walk through its streets, is burning.

It is impossible to give you the feelings and the vibes that you can get only by living the splendor and the greatness of Rome. Anyway, it is possible to give you a useful advice. Live Rome, do not visit it.

Try to keep every image and every episode, event and taste. Do not go around “mechanically”. This is the only risk with a so popular destination, but you can easily avoid it traveling with the right philosophy. Enjoying different lifestyles and perspectives.

Florence: where Dante, Giotto, Leonardo and Michelangelo lived and grew

rome vs florence, dragonfly tours

People from all over the world love Florence as much as Rome. All Renaissance’s geniuses came through here in the most glorious past of our country. The Florence vs Rome ‘art match’ is another tie. We can assure you. Spend your day discovering the Tuscan through the works of its artists in our special tour among Florentine churchs.

The cradle of Renaissance is a very charming little city crossed by the Arno river. If you look at the city from above (you can do it from the top of The Dome of Florence Cathedral, admiring the panoramic view from Piazzale Michelangelo or from the Giotto’s campanile) you will see a stretch made of red beautiful rooftops.

Why Florence could have won this Rome vs Florence challenge?

Choose to step off the path

Probably, Florence is easier than Rome. We mean that there are shorter distances from a place to another and you can enjoy it by walking. A bird’s-eye perspective makes it simple to understand in all its numerous characteristics. Everyone loves Florence.

Giotto, Leonardo and Michelangelo will astonish you. Santa Maria Novella (in our featured image) appears suddenly when you turn a corner and takes your breath away.

Beauties in Florence are concentrated in less square meters, but you cannot let it get to you. We are travelers, we know that every corner can hide marvelous wonders. Sometimes, you have to step away, to get off of the usual path.

And we are here to help you. To help you understand that however you look at it, there are no winners and losers but only the pleasure of getting lost in beauty.

Florence is a magic place also in the world of videogames

Florence is, on top of everything else, also the set of one of the most famous videogame of the latest years: Assassin’s Creed 2. Look at the video from youtube – an interesting footage from a guy’s trip to Florence, comparing reality to the videogame.

Did you know that nowadays videogames’ production costs are often higher than the most expensive Hollywood movies? Just to give them due weight…

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