Modena is the city of Italian icons, from balsamic vinegar to the Ferrari, but also of tortellini, parmesan cheese, and prosciutto. Immersed in the Po Valley, between the Secchia and Panaro rivers, it is a land famous for its food and its engines, but it also lays claim to some excellent singing voices, like the operatic tenor Luciano Pavarotti. During your tour of Italy, this city is definitely worth a visit.

Let’s explore this Emilian city and its surroundings.

What to see

The city boasts important cultural and architectural treasures such as the Torre della Ghirlandina, a symbol of Modena that has played an important civic function since its construction.

The Civic Tower, along with the Duomo and the famous Piazza Grande, have been UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1997.

The historical city center evokes the grandeur of the Este, the noble family of the city, thanks to whom Modena became the State Capital from the end of 1500 to 1859. Reminders of this magnificence are the Palazzo Ducale (the Ducal palace) and the historic rooms of the Palazzo Comunale (the City Hall).

The city maintains a perfect blend of tradition and innovation: strolling through Modena you can see Art Nouveau buildings and city squares full of life.

For lovers of vintage markets and stalls, in Piazza Grande every month the Mercato dell’Antiquariato (the Antiques Market) is held.

Another stop not to miss is the Albinelli Market, a beautiful Art Nouveau building dating back to 1931 and considered a monument of national historical interest.

What to eat

Tortellino food

Food lovers will have a ball: Emilia offers many culinary specialties. Of course, those who are on a diet will have to put it on hold and taste all of these delicacies. In Modena you can taste gnocco fritto (fried gnocchi), a must of the area, prepared with bread dough cut into squares or diamonds and stuffed with various salami and cheeses, or try the sweet version that is filled with chocolate cream or jam. The tigella, prepared with water, flour, and brewer’s yeast, is a legend of Emilian cuisine, but its reigning king is the tortellino, a type of pasta stuffed with parmesan cheese and  meat, then served in broth. All accompanied by a good wine like Lambrusco.


 Maranello and the Ferrari Museum

“La migliore Ferrari che sia mai stata costruita è la prossima”. Enzo Ferrari

“The best Ferrari that’s ever been built is the next one” Enzo Ferrari


Millemiglia Ferrari Live the Ferrari Experience. For motor enthusiasts and especially Ferrari lovers, Maranello is a mandatory stop in a perfect luxury tour of Italy. Driving a Ferrari would already be a dream come true, but driving a Ferrari at Maranello in Italy is a dream that can come true with us. Put yourself in the driver’s seat of the “prancing horse” and enjoy this unique experience!

Maranello is the city of the Ferrari: a stop at the Ferrari Museum is a must!

The MEF, the Enzo Ferrari House Museum, is located in the home where Enzo Ferrari was born and was inaugurated in 2012 with the aim of enhancing the motoring tradition of the Modena area and celebrating the figure of the well-known manufacturer.

At the Museum, which is wholly dedicated to the famous car, you can admire a wide range of Ferraris, from Gran Turismo touring cars to Formula 1 and competitive sports models, as well as trophies, models, images and videos related to the famous history of the company entirely Made in Italy.