Looking at the Italian peninsula from a new and unique perspective. A private helicopter allows you to fly over our beautiful Boot and appreciate things you would not get to see in other ways. Italy from the above is more beautiful than ever.

This is not for everybody, but otherwise it would not be a privileged perspective! Maybe you will not be able to see the entire country (NASA can do it), but it would be definitely unforgettable.

Italy from the above is more than just “a view”

This is our philosophy about traveling. First of all, it must be memorable, images must be etched on your mind.


Venice from the above

Looking at things from a certain distance means having an overall view. A global vision allows you to better understand what you are looking at, or what you are trying to see.

Italian tours are exciting but also inebriating. You risk to be overwhelmed by million things, hundreds of stories, thousands of photos you would take.

Imagine how nice is to have the possibility of staring at all…everything together.

Look at the picture above: the Patriarchal Cathedral Basilica of Saint Mark in Venice and the entire city on the background. Once you enjoy a view like this, everything seems to be in the right place.

The Vatican from the above

The majesty of the St.Peter’s Basilica with the Vatican city

Now try to imagine The “Caput Mundi” and its treasures. If you say Italy from the above I will think about Rome. Inevitable. Rome is not just the capital of Italy, it is one of the most interesting city of the world. Vatican City, tens of unforgettable big squares (designed or decorated by Gianlorenzo Bernini, among the others), churches where you can see paintings by Caravaggio and Carracci, architectures by Borromini, the Cappella Sistina…I could go on for hours.


Fascinating, isn’t it? Ok, a bird’s-eye view would make it, whether nature or buildings, even better. It seems impossible, but if you try you will agree with me.

From one end to the other

There are hundreds of ways to enjoy your Italy tours. We are just talking about the icing on the cake… It is more than an advice about a trip. It is something related to a state of mind. Traveling is a state of mind and moreover it broadens the mind.

A point of view that allows you to see from one end to another is representative of the travelers’ mind. A traveler is someone who wants to go deep and understand, who wants to discover, to see, to have a new perspective. This is it.

What better perspective for a human than the perspective of a flying bird?