How far is it from Rome to Amalfi Coast?

rome to amalfi coast

It takes just over three hours to get on tour from Rome to Amalfi Coast. Today we will take a virtual journey from the Eternal City, a stage that surrounds its spectators with the charm of a past that still lives in every cobblestone in the city center, to the equally magical localities of the Amalfi Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997.

With our organized tours, reaching the Amalfi coast is easy. Dragonfly thinks of everything and chooses for its customers the fastest travel arrangements, such as a comfortable high-speed train that , in just over an hour, will take you to Naples (you can find out what to visit there in our article on the best things to see in Naples) where your personal driver will be waiting to show you  the most important sites of the region.

From Pompeii to the Peninsula of Sorrento, just a stone’s throw from the islands of the Campania archipelago, why not treat yourself to a leisurely break before continuing your Amalfi tour? In Sorrento, enjoy a pause dedicated to good food and the local cheese-making tradition: you will be taken to a local farm to taste typical dairy products and fresh mozzarella. A stroll in the lemon grove and a moment of relaxation in the best places that serve home-made Limoncello. Give yourself enough time to explore one of the most fascinating cities in southern Italy. In Naples you will experience the excitement of a lively and energetic city and you will be delighted by how much art you will find in its monuments, in its most important squares, in the facades of its historic buildings. You will breathe the folklore of a city with equals: take an extraordinary tour of the underground city that will tell you unusual stories about the city just below the surface.

The Most Beautiful Cities to Visit: Pompeii – Ravello – Amalfi

rome to amalfi coastFrom Rome to Amalfi, we go through some of the most picturesque locations in Campania and stops to visit cities like Pompeii is a must.

On the 23-day tour of the best of Italy, we take you to discover the city of Pompeii, the largest and most visited archaeological site in the world. You have certainly heard of a city suddenly submerged by the eruption of the volcano Mount Vesuvius that, in 79 AD, ended the life of that place forever, preserving its houses and inhabitants in a cross-section of time that has become eternal. Today the archaeological site has brought to light the remains of the architectural grandeur loved by the Romans: the Forum, the Temple of Apollo, the Teatro Grande, the Casa del Fauno, and the Amphitheater where, in 1971 Pink Floyd, unable to resist its allure, recorded a live performance for their public. All of this has been brought back to light and is all enthralling, especially at sunset, when the soft light plays tricks on the atmosphere and deceives time.

Now, together with our guide, you are ready to continue your journey along the “Divina Costiera“, 50 km stretch of coastline that reaches from Positano to Vietri sul Mare, passing through Ravello, the city of music where every year the Ravello festival, dedicated to Richard Wagner, is celebrated, and finally reaching Amalfi.

Beautiful Amalfi

rome to amalfi coastDuring your Amalfi coast vacation, you will visit the city from which the coast takes its name, Amalfi, that is a rare pearl, suspended between the unspoiled nature of its sea and its history as a maritime republic. It is a place that remains impressed in the memory of its visitors especially because of its iconic Duomo dedicated to Sant’Andrea in a mix of Arab-Sicilian styles. It is an open-air work of art: its façade, which overlooks an imposing staircase, will attract you with its vivid and extravagant colors that blend perfectly with the colors of the landscape; inside, the richness of the decorations, where  baroque blends in  easily with the Renaissance and Gothic styles of its chapels, creates an example of unparalleled sacred architecture.

It is said that the city takes its name from a nymph called Amalfi that Heracles loved: their passion was intense but short-lived. The demigod lost his beloved and wanted to bury her in a place worthy of her beauty, a place where the sea and the sky were lost on the horizon. And that is how Amalfi arrived to the present day.  Maybe it’s precisely because this territory has grown with a mythological love story, that its countryside is so lush, and it is the perfect setting for a trip for newlywed couples. Take a look at this special 12 days for an enchanting honeymoon in the best Italian boutique hotels: the Amalfi Coast tour together with a specialized and personalized guide is already waiting for you. Visit our website and discover all the charm of our  Rome and Amalfi coast tours.