Workshops and cultural games, food experience and amazing hunts: all of this is not just for kids and children. Your family vacations can be surprisingly funny and educative, also for you.

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Family vacations are a question of planning and imagination

Being on the road with your family is an added value. Sharing happiness, discoveries, fun and culture is fundamental to strengthen the relationship with your kids! Every family encounters the same kind of problems while traveling all together. It is hard to please everyone. Believe us, first of all it is just a matter of things to do!

Do not despair, we are here to help you! You can’t imagine how many things you can do all together. Let’s discover how to have fun, learn new things and spend some great time with your loved ones.

family vacations, dragonfly tours, dragonfly

Italy can be the best place to visit during your family vacations if you know how to plan your time. And if you don’t know how to do it, there are many professionals that are able to meet your needs.

They do it for a living. Yes, coming up with activities for family vacations is a tough job but someone’s got to do it!

Time for playing!

Role-playing games organization, for example, is not so easy but roleplaying can be very funny and will catch your kids’ attention for some hours! And yours as well! It is probably better to entrust the management of this kind of activities to a reliable agency, but you won’t regret it.

Mystery, puzzles, riddles, hunts. Kids go crazy over all this kinds of things. A funny way to discover the history of a town or a city is fundamental to avoid getting bored.

A treasure hunt, a good plot and a map and it is done. Everyone will be wanting to play and go on. The whole family will help to get to the next step and each one will be satisfied at the end.

The same is for workshops on Italian arts and crafts, cooking lessons and other cultural activities. Did you know that many Italian museums organize activities dedicated to kids?

family vacations, dragonfly tours, dragonfly

Adventure, Nature and tips

Adventure time is also important for your family vacations. An unconventional way to learn and teach is the best secret to keep your kids focused on the things-to-see,  while wondering how the trip will go on.

Animals are your best partners in this regards. Maybe they are not part of your plans but children love birds, dogs, farm animals and every kind of strange living being!

Bird-watching tours, aquariums, zoos, are an amazing way to have a break and be sure that the little ones become well-disposed towards more conventional activities.

Moreover, nature is always a good idea. A biking tour, an easy trekking path, a nature photography session are all aces up your sleeve to make your children happy!

Are your children tired of games and sports? Not easy to see, anyway a thematic walk full of legends and interesting facts could also be a good tip to keep discovering your favorite destination.

And when it is time to relax, nothing is better than a classic sketchbook or a block notes to report all the best memories of the day.

In conclusion, the secret is trying to think as they do, just a little bit. And if you are excessively grown-up don’t forget that the most of your family vacation could be planned through every little detail. Just need to turn to the right experts in terms of vacation. Here we are.