Where to spend Christmas in Italy

If you are planning to spend the most beautiful and anticipated time of the year abroad, certainly Christmas in Italy has all the features you are looking for. From the cities, to the smallest villages, sparkling lights and the scent of sweets, chocolate and dried fruit fill the streets. Check the Dragonfly website, take a look at all our tours and contact us to choose the best place to spend Christmas in Italy. Spending this time together with the people you love is the best Christmas present that you can give. Here are some of our recommendations for places to visit in December.

To experience a classic Italian Christmas, you cannot miss out on one of the protagonists of the tradition of the Belpaese: the Nativity. There are numerous Italian places of interest that revisit this ancient art by offering visitors unique displays.

christmas in italyHave you ever heard of San Gregorio Armeno in Naples? It is truly an extraordinary place because of its folklore and atmosphere, impossible to duplicate in any other city. Prepare to walk down the famous and crowded street of the Nativity, where you will certainly find the faithful miniature of your favorite Nativity character, meticulously reproduced by hand by skilled master craftsmen.

Have you already been to Naples on a previous trip? In that case we recommend some different destinations , equally steeped in Italian tradition, which certainly will not disappoint you.

Orvieto offers an extraordinary view of its Nativity in the Pozzo della Cava. The entire scene takes place inside the medieval city in the 14-meter ravine of the Etruscan Grande Grotta: an evocative display that takes the spectator back in time. In our 10-day tour of Rome, Tuscany and Umbria, Orvieto is already included in the route and we strongly advise you not to skip this Etruscan site which is  just a stone’s throw from another unique village, Civita di Bagnoregio.

christimas in italyIf you have already planned a trip beginning in Northern Italy, there is a place that will leave you amazed by its ability to recreate ancient scenarios overlooking the sea. Book  your itinerary in the Cinque Terre with our 23-day tour from north to south Italy: in Manarola you can admire one of the largest life-sized Nativity scenes  in Italy.

How’s the weather?

In Italy, tourists are lucky all year round because the  weather is almost always favorable for travel, hiking and simply strolling through the city.

During the month of December, however, obviously, the temperatures drop, particularly in northern Italy where there is snowfall even at low altitudes and especially in mountain areas. There is nothing more beautiful, in fact, than devoting a weekend to explore the beautiful mountain landscapes and the ski slopes: Trentino is the perfect destination if you want to discover the beauty of a unique natural landscape.

The climate is decidedly milder in southern Italy, thanks to the positive influence of the sea that mitigates the cold temperatures. It’s time to discover the charm of the winter sea and the surrounding villages. Sorrento is one of the most beautiful destinations to visit while traveling in Italy in December, a period when the flow of tourists is at a minimum. The beauty of the Gulf view will leave you breathless, the cuisine will delight your palate, and the city will captivate your heart. All that’s left is to discover this incredible Italian gem in our 8-day tour between Naples and the Amalfi coast. Ready to leave?

How Far Ahead Should You Book?

After getting to know the most beautiful destinations for your trip, now it’s time to decide how far ahead you should book your Christmas holidays in Italy. We advise you to start choosing your favorite destination in August so as to better plan your Christmas vacation and the right itinerary to follow. Rely on an expert guide who will take you to discover the art, culture and excellent cuisine that characterize the Italian cities. With our luxury tours we accompany you to discover the most magical cities, on an organized trip that will help you experience unique and interesting itineraries.

Christmas traditions and Christmas markets

christmas in italyDuring the Christmas period, a multitude of stalls welcome you in every mountain village and medieval town. In Northern Italy  cities like Bolzano and Turin are famous for their artisan markets that invade the squares, filling them with color. It is not unusual to meet Santa wandering around the squares, with his bag of gifts for the little ones. Here you can really breathe  a festive atmosphere and everyone is in search of the perfect gift, a small present for their loved ones.

Among Christmas traditions in Italy, however, one of the most important is the table. Culinary traditions reign over all others. A self-respecting  Italian Christmas is a riot of flavors and each region has its typical dish: making a list would be impossible.  But everyone agrees on how to celebrate the most anticipated day:  on Christmas Eve,  an impressive dinner while waiting for midnight when it’s time to unwrap the gifts placed under the tree, and  then on Christmas day, a lunch with rich and varied dishes, party games like Tombola (similar to bingo), and sweets like torroncini and panettone  to decorate the red tablecloths that celebrate the holidays.