Most special cities show their best side from a particular perspective. Worldwide renown Italian beautiful places can surprise you when you change the point of view. Venice is part of this list. The best way to reach this magical place – that is entirely floating on the water – is by the sea, because Venice from the sea will be a memory difficult to forget.

Venice enchants you with the magical imperfection of its typical streets and nothing is better than live the evocative atmosphere of this city walking around with an expert private guide who shows you the lesser-known aspects of this incredible city. Everybody already knows that Venice is one of the most beautiful treasures of the world, it’s just a matter of perspective.

Venice from the sea: a magical vision

Arriving by sea you will discover little by little every detail of this historical city of art. It seems to be the most natural way to reach a city that was a major maritime power during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Venice from the sea, dragonfly tours, italian tour, tour in italy

Admiring Venice from the sea will give you special feelings. Coastal cities, just like some islands, often offer a beautiful side for those who travel by sea. Venice offer maybe the most beautiful sight among the Italian places you can reach by the sea. Venice is a city of small islands and the Lagoon area is a really charming view from a boat, a ship, a cruise.

Once you have disembarked, art, culture and rare wines will made your days. You will travel aboard the “gondole” (characteristic Venetian boats), stopping in various “bacari” (taverns) where you will taste “cicheti“, a combination of typical products and a good glass of Italian wine (this mix is a kind of Venetian version of the worldwide famous Spanish tapas).

You could also live unique experiences tailored to your desires. Culturally stimulating tours are organized by the best Italy tours specialists. Do you like venetian carnival masks? Venice is the reign of the Carnival and masks decoration. Masks are made of paper mache, leather, porcelain or using the original glass technique. Wouldn’t it be nice to learn something artisans and craftsmen do since centuries?

And not to forget, if you remains various days in Veneto region you should visit the nearby Verona with its ancient Arena, which in summer hosts famous Italian Grand Operas. In the surrounding areas, you can visit Lake Garda – one of the best lakes of Italy – and taste the excellent Valpolicella and “Amarone” wines.

In conclusion, every decent Italian tour should include a necessary-step like Venice. The capital of the Veneto region is a treasure trove of delights for the eye, the palate, the mind and the culture of every traveler.